Transforming Your Home Office?

For many of us it’s looking as if a permanent shift to remote working maybe on the horizon, and whilst this comes with many benefits as it could cut down on commutes and improve work satisfaction, there are some challenges to overcome at the same time namely as we now need to set up a home working environment, so what should you keep in mind when transforming your home office into a more permanent working environment?


Distractions everywhere – The biggest challenge to overcome whilst working from home is the amount of distractions that are around you – whether this be from your family as the kids are still off school, to your pets hounding you, or even just the gadgets you have around the house even down to your smartphone as despite recent changes many of us are turning to our smartphones as a primary form of entertainment for video or gaming, a growing number of operators are making this easier too as they register outside the reach of many of these restrictions as casinos not on gamstop are well reviewed for example – when setting up your home office it’s important to keep this in mind and maybe consider a spot in your home where you don’t frequent as often, somewhere that you can separate yourself from these distractions and focus on the tasks at hand.


A home and work life balance – Another challenge to overcome will be ensuring you’re able to keep a good home and work life balance when working remotely – as mentioned in the previous point, it may be a good idea to separate your new office from where you usually frequent in your home – once you enter the office, you know it’s time for work and similarly when you step out of the office you know it’s time to relax once again. Without this separation, you may find yourself starting earlier or finishing later and becoming burnt out as most of your time is spent trying to figure out how to manage your time working and your time at home.


Ergonomics are important – Whilst it’s enticing to be lounging on the sofa with a laptop in hand to get your work done, it may not be the best approach on a more permanent basis and the ergonomics of how you’re going to work will be important – perhaps consider replicating how your office space is set up at home making the improvements where you weren’t always able to, but following the basic tips of distance from your screen, arm position on the keyboard when typing, or even arm position for your mouse for example – spend a little time making your desk as comfortable as possible keeping in mind you may be spending your forty hours per week there.


It’s an exciting time for working in general however, if you’ve been looking forward to a chance to work remotely and have enjoyed the experience, the permanent change may reinvigorate your love for the job and have you working to your best potential.

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