Top Places to Sell Unused Belongings

040312_hifimanef2aWe’ve all been there, that moment where you realise just how much clutter you’ve collected over the last few years! Gifts that have never been used… clothes that have only seen one outing… DVDs that still lie in the plastic wrapping… Fortunately, it’s never been easier to turn unwanted bits and bobs into cash, meaning we can swap them for something we’ll really enjoy! Here’s a look at the top places to sell unused belongings and how to go about it:


eBay is without a doubt the number one place to sell unwanted belongings online. It’s relatively straight forward to use, guarantees a wide audience of potential buyers and offers excellent seller and buyer protection. That being said, eBay does require time and consideration to master. The more effort you put into your item listing, the faster and more profitable the sale is likely to be. There are also minimal listing fees and commission rates to consider.

Cash for Clothes/DVDs/Gold etc

If you can’t master the perfect eBay listing, ‘cash for’ sites are a much easier solution and make it straight forward to sell your clothes, DVDs, gold items, old computers and smartphones by simply shipping them off for assessment and waiting for payment! The cash you can make will depend on the item condition, specification and age.

Car boot sales

Yes, car boot sales do still go on! Whilst most of us think of selling online as our first port of call, each weekend car boot sales take place up and down the country and provide a local platform to sell all sorts of oddities – from pottery and old vinyls, to second hand clothes and used TVs. If you don’t mind standing for a few hours and trying to flog your wares, a car boot sale is a fun way to make extra cash and enjoy the profits straight away. You can decide your prices up front or decide costs on the spur of the moment and prepare for haggling.

Classified ads

Gone are the days of scouring the newspaper small print for second-hand bargains. Classified ads have gone online and made both buying and selling a whole lot easier! Gumtree is particularly easy to use, and being so well known means you’ll get lots of viewers in your area. Classified ads are ideal for heavy items which you don’t want to post, as you can say that it is for collection only or offer personal delivery as part of the fee. Cash payments are also beneficial for those who want the money straight away and don’t want to go through Paypal and the like.


Social media is often overlooked as a marketplace, but Facebook in particular can be very useful. There’s the Facebook marketplace in which to post official ad listings or you can opt to share photos in your newsfeed which display the items for sale to your friends in a more informal way. Simply detail that the item is for sale with a price, or ask people to make you an offer.

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