The Most Desirable Furniture This Christmas

If Christmas is a time for you to splurge on new furniture, then take a look at these amazing designs. From classic British settees to chairs made from sea litter, there’s something truly unique for every home.

Race Furniture DA6 Easy Sofa

Oh to have one of these in our home! The high back gives the DA6 from Ernest Race an imposing look but it’s as comfortable as sofas come. It’s constructed to be anatomically light and stands out from traditional bulky sofas. Upholstered in Bute Clyde fabric, which is 95% pure wool, it’s also oozes luxury. Find out more about this iconic British furniture designer at the Race Furniture website.

Studio Swine & Kieren Jones Sea Chair

We like to see a piece of furniture that uses recycled materials and presents a novel solution to the problem of litter. The Sea Chair is built entirely from plastic found floating in the ocean, you know those bottles and other things that people absent-mindedly chuck in the sea.

Jolan Van Der Wiel’s Gravity Stool

Making furniture doesn’t come more technical and geeky than this: Van Der Wiel created a special magnet machine that he uses to make his unique stools. The machine is used to manipulate a container of polarized metal shavings; three magnets attract pull the shavings up from the container to form the legs, while the remaining material makes the seat.

Marni Colombian Chairs

These colourful pieces were created by ex-prisoners in Colombia and use the vivid colour palettes of the country’s traditional furniture. All the chairs are woven from from PVC threads and include armchairs, deck chairs and sofas.

James Shaw and Marjan van Aubel’s Well Proven Chair

Yet another thoughtful way of producing furniture! There’s an awful lot of waste generated when wooden products and furniture are created, 50-80% of it being sawdust, chippings and shavings. Shaw and van Aubel have used this waste material to create the seat shell of these chairs by using water and temperature to change its structure. It might look a bit funny but at least it’s eco-friendly.

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