The importance of guttering

Guttering may not be the most glamorous of additions to your home, but it’s a vital purchase nonetheless – it’s integral to the aesthetics and ultimately the protection of your house as a whole, and its importance should never be underestimated.

 Good for your home – and your health

 At its heart, guttering is intended to collect rainwater that falls from the roof before diverting it to a


drainage or soakaway system, thereby ensuring it’s kept away from your home at large. Doesn’t sound like a major job, but just think of what would happen if you didn’t have an appropriate drainage system in place – rain would seep into roof timbers and could quickly undermine the entire structure, whilst the foundations would become saturated and could lead to potential subsidence issues. It could seep into the house itself too, rotting timber floors and leading to peeling wallpaper, and damp could easily set in which could even put your health at risk – damp can lead to the appearance of mould, the spores of which can aggravate the respiratory system and cause various illnesses, and it also encourages mites which can lead to any number of health complaints.

 Maintenance is Key

 Now you’ve realised just how important guttering is, the next step is to make sure you give yours the maintenance necessary. Systems that are leaking, blocked or poorly-maintained are the main cause of water ingress so you need to make sure any signs of damage are quickly addressed – you’ll want to clear any blockages as soon as they’re noticed and you’ll ideally want to wash the gutters down annually to make sure they’re in proper working order, and you can be proactive in things too by installing the likes of gutter guards or mesh systems that will prevent blockages from appearing in the first place. And you’ll want to be prepared too – over the last few years we’ve enjoyed some of the wettest summers in over two decades and this one is no exception, so if you want to make sure the next downpour doesn’t lead to water ingress you’ll want to check your system for any signs of wear and tear.

 Time for an Upgrade?

 Of course, there’s always the chance you’ll discover that your gutters are well and truly past their best and that no amount of TLC will bring them back to their former glory, and that’s when it’s time to seek an upgrade. The right suppliers will be able to ensure you’ve got the guttering system that’s perfect for your needs, and with many modern versions being specifically designed to be low-maintenance you needn’t do too much to keep yours in top condition. So, make sure to give your gutters a once-over and don’t be afraid to invest in a new system if necessary – they’re a vital part of your home and can be key to keeping your entire house in good condition, so never underestimate their importance and you can be safe in the knowledge you’re doing the best you can to keep your house warm, dry and damp-free.

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