The Green Benefits of Staying at Home

Recent studies have shown that more and more millennials are shunning nights out in favor of staying at home with friends, partners and family. Mainly this is down to both changing attitudes when it comes to entertainment but it is also driven heavily by money and trying to save money by staying in rather than heading out. What those who do stay in don’t realize is that this is a decision which is greatly helping with the environment and reducing the carbon footprint which we are leaving behind. Here is how staying at home instead of going out can contribute towards a greener lifestyle.




Unless you plan to walk or cycle then you will be saving a great amount of carbon emissions by not using transport. Whether you drive or take a bus, you will be minimizing how many fumes you pump out into the air each night that you planned to go out, but stayed at home instead. It is always a good idea to reduce how much you use vehicles and yet a night out between 4 friends may result in 4 different taxis taking 1 person to 4 different locations. Just imagine how you are reducing your carbon footprint by staying at home.




As a result of more people staying at home there are a number of businesses which have been forced to alter their opening hours or close entirely. It is never good when a business is forced to close of course, but the silver lining is that the less businesses that there are then the better the environment will be. Let’s say that you plan to go to the casino with friends, instead of doing that you can head to and enjoy all of the benefits of the casino, without having to leave the home. This reduces the amount of people wishing to use the casino which means that the traditional casino will have to tailor its opening hours, thus reducing the pressure which they put on the environment through energy usage, waste production and the transport which their staff will use.


Waste Production


From picking up convenience snacks, buying things which come in single use plastic, creating food waste at restaurants, all of these things can be avoided when you decide to stay in rather than go out. Imagine that this will also be multiplied between the number of people who you would have gone out with, and all of a sudden we can see the reduction in waste which you will consume. It is easier to mange waste at home thanks to recycling systems so the waste which you will create here will have a minimal impact on the environment.


It is estimated that through people choosing to stay in rather than go out for the night, or to work, are saving 1.700 trillion BTU (British Thermal Units, an energy measure) which could power 50 million homes for an entire year, think about that the next time someone invites you out.

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