The Construction Industry Is Busy Again

There is an acknowledged national housing shortage in the UK and the signs are that it will take at the least until the end of the decade before it is close to being satisfied. People are living longer and more are living alone. It is a trend that is unlikely to be reversed but the good news is that the construction industry is more than happy to help.

Similarly, more and more people with homes in need of extension or modernisation are deciding that now that the recession is receding and interest rates remain low they are in a position to do the work that they may have delayed while the economy was fairly flat. Families that are happy with their location may opt to simply extend to add another bedroom. Some are looking at adding a conservatory and perhaps modernising throughout to make an old property open plan and allow more light in.

Good supplies

There are good companies such as which have several branches and can supply everything from windows and doors to conservatories which can transform the downstairs of a property. While conservatories may eat into the amount of garden a property has they will allow the occupants to actually get more enjoyment from their home. It will be more airy and good quality installation will ensure that a family can sit even in the winter and watch what is going on outside whilst warm within.

Business Growth

There were some casualties during the recession but the suppliers that rode out the storm are certainly geared to meet consumer enquiries for any type of DIY supplies and those from builders who have contracts for new builds, renovations and extensions. While the housing market in the South East has retained its strength and growth the other regions of the UK have plenty of activity and seem certain to continue in the same way.


There is still a considerable amount of old property in the UK. Some is terraced with little scope for extension, but certainly with potential for modernisation. Others, however, have space and land; it is just a matter of getting ideas about how best to take advantage of the site and drawing up plans for the work.

Some handymen may be able to do the job themselves and simply require supply of components and materials. Others will give the contract to someone local who may actually go to the same supplier before starting the work. Everyone, whether house owner or building company, can do online research to see what is available and plan the job accordingly. Investment in property is once again adding value to houses as the market moves ahead. With new builds being planned all the time, things are looking good for the construction industry and its suppliers.

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