Strangest Things Ever Found In Storage

You are never quite sure what goes on behind closed doors and when it comes to storage units, you don’t know what you are going to find, left behind by the previous owner.

There are regular storage unit auctions taking place and bidding is normally brisk despite the fact that you are not certain what you are actually buying if you are the winning bidder.

There is often optimism that you might unexpectedly acquire a stash of money, coins or precious metals and one lucky bidder hit the jackpot with a rare comic book that was worth $1 million.

It is not always good news when you unlock the door and start to work your way through the abandoned stash of items, as the person who bought a meat smoker at a storage auction and discovered it came complete with an amputated leg.

As this guide shows, you never know what to expect and even the winning bidder who took possession of a vast amount of Michael Jackson memorabilia and perhaps anticipated some strange items to be included, would not have envisaged finding a sketchbook where the singer had drawn a variety of sketches of noses.

Various body parts or rare coins, it is a bit of a lottery when you bid at a storage unit auction, as you will see from this curious list of valuable and gruesome discoveries.


Source: Smart Space

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