Should I Bring My Employees Back To Work In The Office?

Now we are finally starting to see the numbers of the global pandemic slow down around the world, and governments starting to ease lockdowns around the world, it making business owners questions whether it is safe and the correct time to get workers back into the office.


  Initially when we were in the height of the pandemic, and working from home became the norm, it was the general consensus that working from home wouldn’t work, with bosses not being able to keep an eye on staff and a lot of trust being put in the employees to convert on their daily work; something that many wouldn’t think would work. However, since this was put into place many how found out from surveys that many employers had seen a rise in productivity during the lockdown period in which many were working from home.  Many bosses even went on to say they would think about a work split in which some days were done in the office and some at home due to the increased productivity.   Due to this, the way that bosses are now looking at office spaces has totally changed – do they need this huge, swanky offices spaces costing thousands a month when they can get the same productivity from their work force from the comfort of their own home? Many employees have found that their productivity has been so high due to the fact of their work-life balance improving. Spending more time at home has given them more time to do their jobs around the house, improve on cooking, stay fit and also get all their at home entertainment (a massive game changer for employees.) Ensuring that they are still getting time in the evening to do the things they enjoy, like spending time on the list of non-gamstop casinos which has also seen positive numbers during lockdown for the same reasons as working from home.  


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