Set Up Your Own Compost Heap

Creating your own compost heap can seem like a daunting and somewhat smelly task. However, it is relatively easy to set up, makes food use of your organic waste and means that you have wonderfully rich soil in a matter of weeks for beautiful plant growth.

In a busy garden and home we all have lots of waste that is simply thrown away. Making good use of it can help your garden thrive. When carrying out regular garden maintenance, weeds, branches and flower heads all make great compost. To make it easier check out Swell UK for excellent quality maintenance tools including scissors, nets and pond vacuums.

You can make your own container very cheaply, using old pallets or timber, this looks good in the corner of the garden. Use a membrane in the base or put the container onto a soil bed to soak up any liquid that may seep out. You can also buy a specially designed compost bin. This type of bin has a flap for easy access to the compost.

What can I add?

Fast rotting items

Garden waste

Fruit and vegetable waste

Hedge clippings and grass cuttings

Tea bags and leaves

Slower to rot items

Autumn leaves – if you have a pond net, this can be an excellent source of compost fodder over the colder seasons.

Egg shells and boxes



Content of vacuum cleaner cylinder

Paper including kitchen towel

Do not add plastics or metals, as they will not degrade. Also leave out meat and fish scraps as they will simply rot and spoil the compost.

It can take a few months for the waste to fully decompose and become gorgeous fertiliser for your plants. But when you see your carefully tended plants thriving, it will be well worth it. It’s also a great way to recycle and cut down on your household’s contribution to landfill.

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