Preparing Your Home For Your First Summer Of Remote Working

A heat wave is set to sweep across Europe over the next few weeks as many of us may be looking at a more permanent shift to remote working, far from the air conditioning of our office and the open spaces that come with it, it may become difficult to concentrate especially if your home is set to get much warmer – so what are the best ways to prepare your home for the hot summer that’s on its way if you’re going to be working remotely too?


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The first tip may be the most obvious – your outdoor office. Put up a nice big parasol, grab yourself a nice cool drink and sit outside on the patio or decking with your laptop – so long as you have the connection to reach you may have the perfect opportunity to lounge outside whilst getting your work done and have a nice relaxing experience. This may not be the perfect solution for many though as it’s easy to get distracted and find yourself relaxing a little too much, but if you can stay on task it’s a nice alternative to being stuck inside all day.


Although not something to necessarily change about your home office, but if possible you may also take the opportunity to work a little later on during the day when things cool down – one of the bigger benefits of remote working for many is the option to choose when you work as you may be less required to work typical hours – spend the earlier hours of the day relaxing with your favourite content or video game as many have turned to their favourite Casinos Not on Gamstop for a distraction and then spend the later hours of the day when things are much cooler to get to work.


There are of course the more typical options too – a nice set of dark blind curtains or blinds that can keep your office shaded all day can certainly help, leaving your doors open to ensure as much airflow as possible or a nice big fan to keep the air circulating – other tricks can be used such as freezing a bottle of water and leaving it in front of the fan which will also keep some cool air circulating too, amongst other self made tricks that serve as a home air conditioning system.


It may becoming an increasingly popular trend for tips on keeping cool in the summer or warmer in the winter, as remote working becomes more of a lifestyle many of us will need to change our homes to suit the adjustment and it could be a big task for many – it is an exciting opportunity however, cutting down on commute times and spending more time at home may be a blessing for many and could see many more enjoying their work – it’s certainly going to be an interesting few months, and for those who have made the permanent shift already it may be time to start preparing your home.

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