Plan And Execute The Perfect Cross-Canada Move With The Best Long Distance Movers

If you’re planning a long distance move, it can difficult to figure out where to begin. The first thing you should do is plan when and where you will move. Start the process by researchingvarious long distance movers in your area. Make sure your new home will be available and livable with all utilities in working order. Arrange your employment, daycare for your children or register your kids in their new schools.

Long distance moves are tricky, especially if you’ve never been to the place you’re moving to. Giving yourself at least a month to get everything done is important in case there are unforeseen problems. Hold a yard sale to get rid of any items you do not want or need. It can be stressful to figure out the small details, such as how you are going to transport your furniture, while you are also going through a major change. If you want to make things easier on yourself, get the assistance of a Canadian moving company.

If you need to move a lot of valuable belongings, obtain the services of an experienced long distance mover. Ask for referrals from friends, realtors and read online reviews. Most moving companies in Canada have websites that give you basic information like their rates, services offered and a background of the company. Look for experienced, insured movers who have good reviewsfrom satisfied previous customers. If possible, see how recently the website was updated. Pick a promising company and contact them directly, either by email for a free estimate or on the phone.

When you speak with your moving company, verify all the information that you got from your referral or on the website. Ask for an in-home estimate to be done before anything else. There may be factors (such as heavy furniture, fragile items, multi-level homes) that can increase or lower your costs. Ask what may be included, such as moving boxes and packing materials. Some companies may transport heavy things like pianos and antiques, while others may not. Some may have specific moving equipment and trucks available free of charge. Many moving companies in Canada offer storage services or can refer you to a company they have worked with before. Ask if they can offer any discounts if they refer you.

Above all else, get everything in writing, notarized and insured. Most legitimate long distance movers have their own insurance, but it wouldn’t be overdoing it to have your own. There could be an occurrence that is not covered by the mover’s policy and you will be glad to have the extra protection. If you do need to get storage, get insurance for that as well. Ask for copies of the policies, especially if you are moving anything extremely valuable or fragile. An experienced mover will know how to pack easily broken items and the right materials to use, whether it’s bubble wrap or Styrofoam pellets.

A well-trained long distance mover also knows the best routes to take when they are driving a fully loaded moving truck. It takes experience to drive these large vehicles, especially in inclement weather. You will be happy that you hired a professional when it comes time to unload the truck and have everything sorted carefully in your new home. For an experienced Canadian moving company that can transport your belongings from Toronto across the country and even into the United States, try Rent-a-Son Long Distance. They offer storage in Toronto and a price match guarantee. Contact them to get a free estimate on their services and get the ball rolling on your exciting new journey.

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