Packing Tips for Different Types of Furniture

When moving house in Australia, it can be all too easy to focus on the smaller items, storing them away into boxes where they’ll be ready to go on the truck. You’ll also need to prepare your furniture though, so that everything arrives at its destination intact and free from damage. After all, if your chairs and tables bump against each other during transit, there is a high risk of scratches or dents appearing on the surface of the metal, wood or plastic. Here are some easy packing tips that ensure your furniture arrives safely at your new home regardless of the type.


Wrapping Techniques

First, remember to buy some bubble wrap or some spare blankets to cover your furniture throughout the ride. You can also utilise foam pads here, securing them to any surfaces that jut out and are more prone to bumps and scratches. With any luck, your Aussie mover will supply you with the packing materials you need to get the job done right. When wrapping your furniture, never use tape to stick anything directly on wooden or painted surfaces as this can then damage the coating when you remove the tape later on.

Dismantle When Possible

Since most furniture is so bulky, it is often a good idea to disassemble your tables, chairs, cupboards and beds whenever you can. While in smaller pieces, they can then be packed into the truck or van much more efficiently, allowing you to cut down on the number of trips you need to make.

Whether you’re moving to Sydney or Brisbane, remember to keep everything together so you can re-assemble everything at your new home. Use plastic bags to hold all the screws, nuts and bolts from your furniture, keeping them in separate baggies so you know what goes where when putting everything back together again.

Tips for Drawers

If your drawers contain soft items such as clothes, you can simply leave everything in there. Wrap the drawer itself with plastic so that nothing falls out. The clothes will be fine during the move as it won’t matter whether they shift about throughout transit. Plus, drawers are easy for your removalist in Sydney or Melbourne to pack as they are regular and rectangular in shape. With added filling inside them, they can just be stacked up in the moving truck or van, ready for departure.

If you have anything heavy or fragile within your drawers though, you’ll need to remove them and pack them in a box instead. This will prevent the interior of the drawer from being damaged through impact, and will also avoid anything breaking during the move. Just remember to use plenty of bubble wrap or other packing material so that these items make it to their destination free from any sort of damage.

Utilising Cushions

The great thing about objects such as pillows and cushions is that they can be used as padding within the van or truck. Your moving expert will simply place them between your furniture and the vehicle’s walls, ensuring that everything is secure throughout the ride. Of course, you’ll also have to protect the pillows and cushions from getting ripped, torn or dirty along the way. This can be done by wrapping everything in heavy-duty plastic which may be supplied by your Aussie removals specialist or purchased on your own. If you don’t need to use these items as extra padding, you can stick them in empty drawers or cupboards, filling up space that would have otherwise been vacant during the drive to your new home in Sydney, Melbourne or elsewhere in Australia.

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