How To Spot You Have A Problem With Your Drainage

Whilst some drainage problems are easily spotted, or smelled depending on what the problem is, there are some which can be less obvious. Knowing what the early warning signs are that a problem is there should make it less troublesome and hopefully cheaper to have repaired.

Water Over The Gutters
If it seems like the guttering at the edge of your roof is having little or no effect on rainfall and the rain is simply cascading over the top of the gutter, you could be experiencing a blocked gutter. In addition to these signs, you could find spatters of mud on your sidings, or patches of paint peeling from your walls in vertical patterns. If blocked gutters are not dealt with expediently, they can cause all sorts of problems to your external paintwork, sidings and even cause structural damage. In the best case scenario, drainage companies in London will simply unclog your gutter or downspout in a matter of minutes, leaving your guttering free flowing. Of course, the above symptoms could point to deeper issues, such as the gutters being too small, or placed wrongly for your roof angle, which would be far more expensive to mend.


Water Stains In The Cellar Or Basement
If within your house your subterranean levels begin to show signs of water stains appearing on the wall, this could be symptomatic of one or two issues with your drainage. If stains are relatively high on your basement wall, it will indicate that the water is coming from above and that an overflowing gutter has dumped its load on your house at this point. This is relatively easy to deal with, drainage companies in London will need to simply unclog the offending gutter, leaving your home unscathed.

In the case that water stains are low on the basement walls, this will indicate that your property has been hit with water which has come from below. This could be a high water mark which may recur if your property experiences heavy rainfall or it could be caused by proximity to a municipal storm drain, which may back up in bad weather. This could prove expensive to deal with, involving interior drains and the installation of a sump pump.

Mildew Present In The Attic
It can seem odd to search for a drainage problem in the attic, but the presence of mildew here can be symptomatic of an issue prevalent at a lower level in your house. The place to look out for mildew is on the underside of the roof, as this is where it can accumulate. If this is the case, it could be that your bathroom’s extractor fans are constantly extracting hot air, but throwing it straight against your roof, causing a build-up of mildew. Re-routing the extractor fan through a wall into the outside can solve this issue handily.

The key to dealing with any drainage issues is to catch them early and call the professionals in if anything looks amiss. This way, you have the best chance of limiting potential costs.

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