How to get a fantastic looking lawn

A fantastic looking lawn is a great addition to a home and the grounds it stands on. A well-maintained lawn adds to the attraction of an existing garden and boosts the re-sale value of a home, should the owner choose to move on. Maintaining a lawn has environmental benefits too, not least of which is the ability of grass to absorb noise from the surrounding neighborhood. The prevention of water run-off from heavy rain or storms is another environmental benefit from a well-kept lawn, as is the conversion of carbon dioxide into oxygen.

Contrary to what some people might believe, keeping a lawn in good condition is not a time-consuming exercise, as long as there is access to the right equipment. Pat’s Small Engine Plus carries a full range of equipment for lawn maintenance and general gardening work. Essential equipment for lawn maintenance includes:

  • Mowers: Mowers are either rotary or reel mowers, with rotary models being the most common. Reel mowers are ideal for a small lawn with a level surface. Producing zero emissions, they are a good choice for the environment, but a lawn should not be allowed to grow too much because a reel mower will be unable to cut it properly. Rotary mowers are either electric- or fuel-powered and can be push-, self-propelled, or ride-on models. They catch the blades of cut grass using a bagging system. Alternatively, a mulcher-system mower, which returns the cut grass to the lawn, can be used.

  • Trimmers: A hand-held string trimmer, powered either by electricity or a mixture of gas and oil, is ideal for trimming the grass around the edge of buildings and trees or fences. Alternatively, a power edger – similar to a string model but with metal blades – can be used where lawns creep out over into surrounding areas.

  • Rakes: A good quality rake is essential for cleaning up leaves or debris that falls on a lawn. A powered blower can also be used for the same task.

  • Sprayers: A backpack sprayer is great for spraying weeds or pesticides.

  • De-thatchers: To de-thatch a lawn is to rough it up in order to remove dead grass and thatch, allowing improved penetration of water and air.

Another useful piece of equipment is an aerator but investing in a large motorized model is probably not worth it from the perspective of a homeowner. A lawn care service provider should be able to aerate a lawn for a moderate fee. If the thatch of a lawn is kept under control, aeration may only need to be carried out every four to five years. Aeration has the effect of opening up the soil around the roots of the lawn in order to allow oxygen to move more freely around them, helping the grass to grow.

Of course, a well-maintained, great looking lawn is more than just an attractive addition to a home. It is also a money-saving feature. The cost of maintaining a lawn is much less than the cost of repairing a lawn owing to neglect.

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