How Long Does It Take to Cook Pizza Using Wood?

Cooking pizza does not take much time. The choice of oven will play a great role in how long it takes. Using a wood fired pizza oven will take a lot longer, as you have to fire up the wood and wait for your desired temperature to be reached so that your pizza cooks evenly.

Prepping the oven

Make sure that the oven is free from ashes and embers so they don’t touch the pizza as it is being cooked. They will also affect how the pizza is cooked as the wood will take longer to burn because there are ashes and embers from previous use. The chimney should also be checked to ensure that the smoke will come out of it freely.

Building a fire

Building a fire to start cooking your pizza may take from an hour up to three hours, depending on how much wood you use. The types of wood that can be used are oak, beech, maple, ash and birch. These hardwoods produce more heat than softwoods, so if you use any one of them, it will not take you as much time compared to using softwoods.


The oven must be heated to 800 degrees Fahrenheit so you can cook the pizza in just three minutes. You can tell if the oven is ready to cook the pizza if the centre of the dome has started to turn white. This whitening of the dome indicates that the entire oven has reached the desired temperature of 800 degrees Fahrenheit. Three minutes is all you need to achieve that crispy thin crust pizza. But if you are into thick crust pizzas, you will have to cook them for around seven to ten minutes.

Is the heat even?

Most wood fired ovens are dome-shaped for a good reason. When the wood has been fired up, the heat will travel up the slopes of the oven’s ceiling. Heat travels faster this way compared to angled ovens. And since the wood is placed on both sides of the oven, the heat will travel to the top of the oven from both sides, making the temperature even on all sides. Cooking pizza requires the fire to burn until it is cooked.

It takes great patience to cook pizza in a wood fired oven, but the results are always worth the wait. Aside from the flavour of the pizza, you will get bonus smoky and aromatic features in your pizza. If you are entertaining guests at home and serving your famous brick-oven pizza, you may want to heat the oven way before your guests arrive so that the pizzas can be served as soon as you start serving the food.


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