Home Preparedness: Five Inevitable Household Emergencies

Speaking of refrigeration, you do not want your air conditioner to fail during the hot summer months. This could spell trouble for young children and any elderly loved ones you have living in your home. Heat exhaustion is particularly dangerous to those with weaker constitutions. Make certain you have the number of a trusted contractor that provides 24/7 emergency service on AC repair on hand.


4. Heater Malfunction


The flip side of the above is your heating unit. If it fails, you’ll have a house full of whiny people and, as with too much heat, too much cold is dangerous for those who cannot tolerate it. It might seem easy enough to keep people warm. You’ll just light a fire in the fireplace and cuddle under blankets. Fair enough, but a problem with the heater could be more dangerous than you think. Keep reading.


5. Carbon Monoxide or Gas Leak


In the United States, 430 people die on average annually from carbon monoxide poisoning, because you cannot smell or see carbon monoxide. Unless you’re a heating expert, attempting to repair an issue with your heater could lead to a carbon monoxide or gas leak. Install carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home, and shut off the main gas line and call for help if they sound or you smell gas.


Never take chances with your home’s safety. Think about potential emergencies, such as the five listed above, and then come up with a game plan to protect your home and family against them. In some cases, such as a burst water line, there is nothing you can do to prevent the disaster. You can, however, have an arsenal of trusted professionals on hand to call when something does happen. You can also stock up on emergency supplies, such as fans, blankets, and plenty of canned goods.

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