From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Take the Stress Out of Household Chores


With new technologies and innovations frequently being developed, there are several creative means to make your daily chores much easier.  Household duties, like cooking, cleaning, and laundry just add stress to your already busy life.  Having to walk up and down the stairs to complete these tasks is an additional hassle that leaves you feeling exhausted.  One way to alleviate the stress from your daily activities is to install a dumbwaiter.   

Dumbwaiters resemble elevators, but are much smaller and meant for carrying food and other small items.  They have been used for centuries and have evolved over time.  Dumbwaiters are commonly used in restaurants, schools, hospitals, and nursing homes.  However, they are not just for commercial use.  Residential dumbwaiters were popular throughout the 19th century, especially in multi-story homes and apartment buildings.  Back then, they were manually powered or required steam to operate.  Today, electric dumbwaiters make it easy to transport items from room to room.

Although it is common to avoid spending the majority of your time doing household chores, installing a residential dumbwaiterturns chores into bearable tasks.Dumbwaiters move in between floors andcan carry items from your basement to the top story of your house.  This makes it easy to transport household items to and from your laundry room, kitchen, and even your bathroom.Utilizing a dumbwaiter relieves the strain and stress of carrying items up and down the stairs by doing it for you.

Not everybody enjoys spending time in the kitchen.  This lack of enthusiasm can be attributed to the time and energy it takes to prepare and serve a meal.  Not only do you work hard to satisfy other’s taste buds, but you are left with a mess to clean up afterwards.  Installing a dumbwaiter that passes through your kitchen makes it convenient to serve meals in different rooms and reduces clean up time.  Having a dumbwaiter also makes it easy to transfer groceries from your car in the garage, right into your kitchen.Commercial buildings, such as restaurants and nursing homes also use dumbwaiters to transport meals and other small items from floor to floor.Whether you are a gourmet chef or dabble in basic cooking, having a dumbwaiter saves you from making several trips in and out of the kitchen.

Dumbwaiters come in many styles and different sizes, and it is also possible to customize your own to fit your needs.They come with call and send buttons to alert people when the dumbwaiter isin use.  In addition, all models are designed to meet health and safety requirements, so you can rest assured your dumbwaiter is up to standards.

The strenuous activities of everyday life can affect you both physically and mentally, but there are ways to minimizethese affects.  Reducing or eliminating unnecessary stressis one of the most effective ways to do so.Dumbwaiters make transporting and accessing items from room to room possible with the simple push of a button.The next time you make an improvement, consider how installing a dumbwaiter will change your day to day life.

Author Bio:Simon is always looking for the latest trends in home improvement.  He enjoys working with Manwell Dumbwaiters and learning new ways to create convenience.  His passion for new ideas and do-it-yourself projects drives him to share the information he finds to benefit others.

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