Five Ways To Use Green Semi-Precious Stones In Your Home Décor

aventurineA growing trend in home décor is to use precious and semi-precious stones as the composite materials in some truly beautiful furnishings and room décor. One of the most popular colors, at least among regular devotees, are items made from green semi-precious stones, like aventurine. Once you begin looking for such items, you might be surprised at the beauty of the items made from such material. In this article, we will cover some of the most popular, and beautiful items created for the home.

Slabs And Mosaics

As these items are made primarily from green semi-precious stones which are small and finely processed, it is amazingly what craftsmen can do with the wholes. The fine components are fused together into slabs, which are then polished and cut into appropriate sizes, as requested by the customer. Some are turned into custom mosaics, for mounting on walls. The slabs can be used in the same manner, or used as the material for custom countertops.


When made out of this beautiful gemstone fusion material, the end result is unique with every single piece. Made in different styles, and made to accommodate a variety of candle sizes. Some of the most stunning pieces feature two and three candle towers, used to fit tealights or tapers into the décor.


One of the most beautiful sights to be had when visiting a home that includes items made from semi-precious stones in the décor are those beautiful hand-cut vases holding bunches of fresh cut flowers. These one of a kind pieces also make the perfect backdrop for hobbyist displays of precious blossoms, like those created by orchid aficionados that will incorporate the elements of feng shui in the display.

Bathroom Sets

Another stunning addition to bathroom décor are the many variants of bathroom counter sets. Often one of the most requested items, these sets incorporate the best touches in gemstone fusions to create truly fantastic accessories. From a marbled tissue cover, to a one of a kind swirling miasma on a lotion bottle, these make for some truly stunning and eye-catching additions to the bath.


If you think the custom cut mosaics and countertops are stunning, you should see the many different table styles that master craftsmen can create. From accent tables that gently fuse hardwoods and gemstones into a harmonious whole, to solid steel bases with generously formed and cut dining room tables, these handmade items must be seen to be appreciated.

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