Do I Really Need a Professional to Remove Asbestos?

Asbestos is a banned building substance in the UK. During the 60s it was used extensively to provide insulation. It causes a variety of lung complaints, though. Usually, it takes a few decades for the symptoms of asbestos related diseases to begin appearing. If you encounter asbestos on your building project, you have to consider whether you need to call in a professional.

Any expert involved in asbestos removal Essex will tell you it varies depending on the project. Legally, it’s not a requirement to inform anyone about the presence of asbestos unless it’s a commercial or industrial place of work.

Home Removal

There’s nothing stopping you from attempting to remove asbestos from your home by yourself. As long as it doesn’t expose someone else to the fibres, you’re allowed to do this. It’s strongly recommended you don’t attempt it, though.

Asbestos is perfectly safe when it’s undisturbed. It’s the fibres after they’re released which cause problems. The biggest danger happens during building and removal projects. It’s why asbestos professionals all have to have licences issued by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Commercial Premises

If you’re working in a shop or an office you have to have your name registered with the Asbestos Register. You might also have to have a survey conducted to assess the current control risk. The HSE continues to tighten the control limits on asbestos exposure, so you might have your place of business shut down if it goes over this limit.

You have a duty to inform your workers of the risks of asbestos exposure and the reality of the situation. Attempting to remove it yourself, whilst not illegal in itself, could put you in breach of the law if something goes wrong.

Ways and Means

Removing asbestos isn’t about grabbing a piece of material and ripping it away. It’s a material like no other. As already mentioned, when the fibres are released it becomes more dangerous. Do it wrong and you’ll have a serious problem on your hands. This could include exposure to you or others.

Professionals deal with asbestos in a very specific way in order to minimise the risk to themselves and the place of work.

Unless you’ve been trained, you can’t rely on your own techniques to do it in a safe way.

What about the Costs?

The major consideration for people who ask if they need a professional is the price. It’s no secret it’s a significant investment to make. With larger concentrations of asbestos people often leave the material in place. You can’t put a price on safety, though. The potential ramifications of accidentally exposing someone to this material will cost more than paying for the professional in the first place.

In commercial premises, you might not have a choice but to pay up. There are plenty of financing options available. Local councils will usually offer low-cost loans for asbestos removal Essex as it’s such a large problem. Check to see if there are any financing options in your local area.

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