Ditch your smartphone

Now, I know you’re going to look at this article and think what are you thinking?! How can you live without your smartphone? But I assure you, there are bigger and better things that we should indulge in and use our free time instead of.

Nowadays a smart phone is a fashion accessory necessity that everyone has and must have. But I urge you to ditch it and live your life with freedom. I am in no way a Luddite, like most people I am enthralled with the internet and its endless possibilities, however there are much better ways to go through a day without ‘tweeting’ about your terrible train journey or ’instagramming’ your every meal. I will admit I have spent many a day, buried with my head in my phone trying to avoid eye contact with other commuters – not bored but not exactly entertained either.

Concerns about ditching my smartphone

No camera – how can I take pictures of the places I’ve been, the people I’ve seen and the meals I’ve eaten? If you’re an avid traveller and rely on your mobile to document and share the things that you have seen, invest in a camera – this will provide a better picture than a phone anyway and the majority are cheaper.

No maps – how will I know where to go when visiting friends, travelling or using public transport? Now, maps were invented long before smart phones and people got by just fine without a nagging voice in their ears telling them where to go. You will be surprised at your natural sense of direction, and if in doubt just ask someone.

Great ways to ditch

One great way of ditching that smart phone and helping the environment is to recycle it. The united States Environmental Protection Agency reported that for every million mobile phones that are recycled, 75lbs of gold, 35,000lbs of copper and 772lbs of silver can be recovered and reused. By recycling your smart phone, you are helping yourself and the environment.


Quiet moments will no longer be filled with swiping your right thumb up and down, mindlessly staring at unabsorbing social media content from your 3,000 ‘friends’, these moments will instead be filled with moments of self-improvement and contemplativeness. Because trust me, there are better ways of spending your time rather than posting attention seeking statements in an attempt to gain ‘likes’ from people you have never met. Find things that interest you, read up on them and try to improve yourself.

By ditching your smart phone, journeys are more relaxing, your spare moments are exactly that – spare and you become more productive. The smartphone acted as something to fill in the gaps of boredom and nothingness, now you have these gaps back to do with what you please.

I certainly do not have any issues with technology and welcome innovation as much as the next person but I have just had enough of the increasing popularity of the social norm to document your every action no matter how small, via social media.

Top 10 advantages of ditching your smartphone

Apart from the fact that you saving money every month by not paying phone bills and data plans, here are my top 10 advantages of ditching your smartphone.

  1. Instead of ‘WhatsApping’ people or commenting on their photos, you’ll start meeting up with them and socialising like normal people
  2. You will never be angered by the battery on your phone running out before the end of the day – I’ve seen people kill people when less angry
  3. You will never accidentally leave it off silent, and everyone hear your embarrassing ring tone go off at an opportune time
  4. You will never have the uncontrollable urge to take a selfie and share it with your friends again, missing out on what is actually happening around you
  5. You will never have the uncontrollable urge to post attention seeking statements in a search for likes, shares, comments or favourites
  6. You can walk through the city centre with your held high, aware of oncoming traffic and commuters in a rush
  7. You will never drunkenly post a status declaring your undying love for your ex for the whole world to see
  8. You will be able to eat a meal, enjoy it, converse without feeling the need to Instagram it
  9. You will never feel that buzz in your pocket that you think is a text, check it, and embarrassingly turns out to be nothing
  10. You will be able to actually leave work on time and not worry about getting emails past working hours – your free time is your time

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