Avoid the Dangers of a Mismatched Home

One of the great things about carrying out some work to your home is that you can find the style that best suits you. While some people prefer a sleek, modern look others long for a classic home to live in.

However, one thing to avoid like the plague is a mismatched home that has a poorly thought out mixture of elements in it.

Don’t Let the Windows Fail You

The windows on a property are hugely important in the overall look it has. This is something that not everyone seems to appreciate, as it is relatively common to see houses where the windows jar with the rest of the style. The first step to take is to consider the style of windows that you need. Do you need classic wooden sash windows to complement the rest of the property? A period home with modern aluminium windows can be a poor combination that immediately undoes the good work you have done elsewhere in the house. Equally, a cutting edge, modern home needs windows that match this style well.

Pick the Right Colours

It is also important that you choose the best colours for your style of property. This is another area that might need a bit of investigation for you to get started on it. If there is a good mixture of houses from different periods and in different styles near you then you should check them out. Try to work out which colours give the best and most authentic look for houses like yours. Some paint companies offer a range of traditional, heritage style colours that could make your job easier if you have a period style property that needs painted. Otherwise, you have some work to do in order to find the perfect colours. A good move is to choose sampler pots and try out a few different colours to see which ones look right in your house.

Don’t Get a Furniture Mismatch

Getting the right pieces of furniture can be a fairly expensive and long term job, especially if you are after a style that isn’t very common or is considered as exclusive. The big risk with this is that you have a furniture mismatch in the meantime. You might decide that it makes sense to buy one piece at a time but what will you fill the rest of the house with as you build up the collection of furniture you really want? Buying pieces for one room at a time is a smart move in this respect, while you might also want to consider the option of hiring furniture while looking for the pieces you need. This will mean that you feel under less pressure to buy the perfect pieces as soon as possible.

Be Careful with the Gadgets

It is good fun to look out for anachronisms in films, like extras in the middle ages wearing watches or modern shoes. However, it won’t be so much fun if you end up with this problem in your house. If you are a gadget lover but want a home to look like one from a previous century then you need to be careful. One good idea is to hide your big screen TV and sound system in specially built period style cabinets. Of course, if the style you are keen on is swish and modern then you will feel happy about packing it with as many gadgets as you want and can afford.

The Garden Counts Too

It is easy to overlook the outdoor space when you are trying to unify the look in your house. Having said that, the garden in your property is very important to the overall look you want to achieve. For instance, if you work hard to get a period Victorian look in your house then you won’t want a Japanese Zen garden or a hip modern concrete effort outside. It can be tricky to get exactly the right style in your garden, more so with some styles than with others. One tip if you have a classic style in your house is to visit the gardens of country estates or mansions from the same sort of time period. While they are likely to be on a far grander scale than your own garden, they should give you some inspiration and ideas to get started with. Take a look for any gardens that are open to the public near you and make this your starting point for a garden that goes perfectly with the rest of the property.

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