7 Ideas to Have a Holiday at Home

When you think of a holiday you often picture a secluded beach in an exotic location but the truth is; that’s not for everyone. Some of us simply do not have the time or budget to organise a big trip across the world and would rather spend our time away from the office in the comfortable surroundings of home, avoiding the stress that often comes with trying to unwind while away. It can be all too easy to let the days blend into one and slip away when you spend a holiday at home however, so here are some tips to pass the time.

Get plenty of fresh air

Just because you are staying at home for the holiday doesn’t mean you should shut yourself away the entire time. Go for walks and stretch your legs or even use your time off work to get fit by taking up a sport or exercise; holiday seasons often see an abundance of clubs and activities open their doors to newcomers.


Act like a tourist

No matter where you live, there will likely be an influx of tourists at certain times of the year who soak up the local culture and visit the best sights in the area. Chances are that in spite of being a local, you yourself will never have visited many of these places; taking for granted what others around the world so admire. So why not grab your camera and finally see what the fuss is all about?

Take up a new hobby

Having a hobby to fall back on when time seems to be dragging is great for any time, not just for during a holiday. Be it baking, cycling, knitting or playing an instrument, you can learn a new skill and pass the time.

Visit new places

If you still feel like treating yourself while on your ‘staycation’, why not try the local restaurants that you have yet to visit. Speciality diners with cuisine from across the globe can be found with ease almost everywhere these days, meaning you can sample the world’s food all from the comfort of your hometown.

Watch a box set

Holidays at home are the perfect time to settle down with DVD box sets and revisit beloved movies and TV shows from your past or to catch up on ones you missed while you were busy with work and the usual commitments. Sometimes it’s good to even hold off on purpose when shows are broadcast on TV so you can savour the entire season to enjoy uninterrupted when time is in your hands.

Go camping

You may have decided to remain at home for your holiday but that doesn’t mean you can’t pitch a tent somewhere nearby and spend an evening under the stars. Cheap, easy to organise and great fun when you get some friends involved, camping is the ideal way to get out of the house for a night without having to splash out on costly accommodation somewhere.

Get to know people

It’s amazing how many of us barely know the people who live around us so why not use your holiday at home as an excuse to meet your neighbours? Host a barbeque and invite them round, you could make some lifelong friends.

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