5 Easy DIY Jobs to Transform Your Home

Want to give your home a facelift but worried about breaking the bank? Never fear, shelling out for new accessories for your abode isn’t the only option. Home improvements needn’t cost the Earth, and there are a variety of projects that you can do with the materials that you have at your disposal, or purchases that you make cheaply, to mix things up a little. Home is where the heart is, and projects that you can craft yourself will always add that unique personal touch to your home, however big or small. Here are some projects that you get started on today.

Design your own headboard

Your headboard can often help to make the bed the focal point of the room, depending on how big and fancy it is, and designing your own can add a little fun to climbing into your cosy bed each night. Keep things simple by crafting a new headboard out of new materials, or upholstering an old headboard with fresh funky fabric, or for a more personal touch, create your own headboard out of something that reflects your personality. Love living by the beach? Collect some driftwood for an intriguing piece above your bed. Into rowing, or surfing? How about a collection of oars or old surfboards stood on end as a backboard? These can be great for breathing new life into your existing bed or, even better, complementing a new purchase from the likes of the Divan Beds Centre.

Light up a gloomy room

Give your existing light features a new lease of life by painting a chandelier in a fresh, bold shade, or by repapering a lightshade in a new pattern to bring some new colour into the room. You could also add a dimmer switch to an existing light to help you alter the mood/tone of the room to suit your circumstances.

Spruce up your entryway

Is your front door looking a little aged? Try giving it a fresh link of varnish, or go all out and paint it a bright, friendly colour to invite in your guests. Not only will it look more welcoming, but it’ll give the whole exterior a makeover with minimal effort. First impressions count, after all. You could also add in some new house numbers, a clean welcome mat, or place some newly flowering plants from the garden nearer to the entrance. Then all that’s left is to invite the neighbours round!

Re-stuff your saggy sofa

If you’ve had your sofa for a while and it’s beginning to look more saggy than sassy, re-filling the cushions is an easy and inexpensive way to take it back to it’s former glory. Check if the cushions have zips on them and, if they do, all you’ll need to invest in is some new filling, which you can stuff in to re-plump your sofa. Easy peasy, and won’t set you back a fortune!

Fake it ‘til you make it

Everyone loves an Ikea bargain, but we all fear that our houses will start looking identical on the interiors, due to its mass produced furniture. But there are some great – and really easy – ways to liven up an old Ikea purchase (or any brand you have for that matter). For a glamourous touch, try painting the legs of a white television or console stand with metallic copper paint, or adding a marble effect sheet to the shelves of a kitchen stand. Be creative and you can easily add your own stamp to flat pack furniture and transform your home.

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