4 Great Ways Illuminated Mirrors Improve Your Life

If you want to make a difference to your bathroom and your life, then making one simple change helps you look better, feel better, and use your time more effectively. If you don’t want to spend a fortune redecorating your bathroom but you do want to find a better way to apply make-up or shave, then take a look at the range of illuminated mirrors that will help you live a more comfortable life. Here are four ways lighted mirrors give you that extra boost – read it and find out why these modern mirrors are a must-buy item.

  1. Look Better with an Illuminated Mirror

What could be better than a mirror that helps you look more attractive, groomed and stylish? If you have a love/ hate relationship with your current mirror (and on some days avoid looking in it altogether) you need to take a look in some illuminated bathroom mirrors. The difference between an illuminated mirror and a traditional, non-lit mirror is the positioning of the lights. When you use a non-lit mirror you have to rely on light from the overhead bulb or from behind you. This throws shadows over your face and makes your skin tone look different. Illuminated bathroom cabinets have lights to the sides so that your face is evenly lit with no shadows – you can apply make-up more precisely, shave more closely, and see yourself more clearly. This results in a better, more polished look.


  1. See Better with an Illuminated Mirror

If you have eyesight problems then you will know how difficult it is to squint into the mirror to try and see where you are applying your eye shadow. With bathroom mirror lights the squinting is gone – you can see more clearly because the light allows you to. And led bathroom mirrors may also have added magnification, making it easier to groom without wearing glasses. LED lights have a better quality to them, and the colour matching is more accurate so the make-up you apply is the make-up you see when you leave the house. Using light from the sides of the mirror is one of the best ways to ensure you can see what you are doing and won’t end up with embarrassing mistakes.

  1. Style Your Bathroom

When you look at the range of bathroom mirrors with lights from a supplier like www.lightmirrors.co.uk you’ll quickly gain inspiration for how much better your bathroom can look with the simple addition of a new mirror. Choose the size of mirror that best fits in the space you have, and the style of mirror to fit with the style of your bathroom and home. The positioning of the lights around the mirror can be subtle or obvious, depending on your taste.

  1. Get Ready More Quickly in the Morning

What’s more, illuminated mirrors often have built-in features that help make it easier to get ready when you are late for work. For example, anti-fog glass means you can do your hair and fix your make-up without having to wait for the steam from the shower to clear. And a built-in shaver socket takes the hassle out of using an electric shaver in the morning.

Image courtesy of num_skyman / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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