3 Door Options to Give the Front of Your House a Facelift

When you arrive at a friend’s new house or you’re walking up the driveway of a new neighbour, what do you notice first about the home? Chances are it won’t be the state of the roof, or the windows, but the front door. The exterior door at the front of the house is the welcoming part of the building. The front door says a lot about the property and it can help give a highly positive or mainly negative impression. If you want to make a difference to the look of your home, give some attention to the front door. Replacing an old door with a brand new one will brighten up the house and may also increase its value. Here are some options for giving the front of your house a facelift with a new door.

Steel Doors

A steel front door is a popular choice for a new front door although it does have some disadvantages. Steel doors are popular as exterior doors because they offer a high level of security and they are also economically priced. Steel doors are tough and strong, and they are not liable to breakage and warping like wood doors. Steel front doors are also usually insulated with foam so they provide a good energy rating, and keep the interior of the house warmer. However, unless you are very careful you will pick up some dents in a steel door and when the surface is broken it can end up rusting and looking ugly. Aluminium doors are also available as an alternative to steel doors but these are generally more expensive than their steel counterparts.

Composite Doors

Another popular option, grp composite doors are a versatile solution for the front door. They are made from layers of fibreglass and plastic and are highly durable and tough. The upvc doors at safedoors.co.uk, for example, are constructed to high standards and are available in a range of effects that mimic wood. Composite doors are a good choice for exterior doors as they are affordable as well as attractive.

Wooden Doors

A wooden door will appeal to the person who wants a traditional front door but wooden doors require a lot more upkeep than other materials and there is a risk that the door will warp and bend in heavy weather. New methods of making wooden doors cut the risk significantly but there is still a problem with warping in many cases. Wood doors need to be repainted often to ensure a fresh finish.

Whatever door option you are looking at, make sure you choose a door from a reputable and professional supplier. A door needs to be able to stand the test of time and be something you’ll be proud of for years to come. A new door may well be a valuable investment if you spend some time searching for the right door for your needs, from the right supplier.

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